August 26, 2014 By: Steve Lewis

General Manager Louis Pelliccia (formerly of LA’s famed Kress) will help bring the brand new Parq Nightclub & Restaurant to San Diego this fall after having undergone a multi-million dollar renovation. Located in the historic Gaslamp District, the 40,000 Square foot open air complex embraces the predictably gorgeous San Diego weather and will feature a nightclub and restaurant connected by a cavernous brick tunnel.

Upon entering guests will be whisked into a modern park-like atmosphere with a mix of raw natural elements that contrast with the industrial materials used in the design created by Davis Krumins of Davis Ink Ltd. The club is also outfitted with a Funktion 1 sound system installed by Dean McNaughton of Sound Investments and Lighting, and LED lighting framing the main bar by Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting.

Pelliccia believes San Diego is ready for this kind of space venturing to compare it to elite Las Vegas clubs and others around the world. Nightclubs everywhere are getting up to speed with global music, lighting, design and service trends. San Diego’s Parq is destined to fulfill Pelliccia’s vision; Nightclub & Bar sat down to ask him all about it.

This is a rather large space. Is San Diego ready for this?

Absolutely. The space at 6th & Broadway has incredible history.  When it originally opened as On Broadway Event Center in 2000, people were definitely skeptical – thinking that an upscale venue as large as On Broadway would fail.  The nightclub was hugely successful and lasted 12 years (which is unheard of for a nightclub).  This time, we’ve changed the landscape of the venue around so we can accommodate big talent, bottle service areas and a restaurant that can run independently from the club.

You have said Parq is “A slice of Vegas club life comes to San Diego”. What does that mean and why is that the chosen path?

It means you can expect Parq to bring everything you’d expect from a top notch club/restaurant from anywhere around the world to San Diego. We are not only bringing the best of Vegas, we are bringing the best of Ibiza, New York, Miami as well as Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  From hiring the renowned Steve Lieberman to design the lighting, to hiring sound investments to install our Funktion 1 sound system. The management team has been handpicked from a pool of candidates that have experience in all the great markets to ensure a high level of service and luxury – these are the ingredients we wanted to bring to San Diego because the city deserves to rival the other greats.

The restaurant to club model is more common now than years ago, what are the advantages and disadvantages of providing both in the same complex?

Even though the restaurant to club model is more common these days, this space has always been a restaurant/nightclub that was all in one. Now with the remodel, the club and restaurant have a totally different feel, separated by a stone tunnel – the restaurant side is open with a central PARQ feel, while the club will be an adult playground. There’s something great about being able to experience an incredible meal and a night of bliss all in the same venue. I don’t really see a disadvantage. It’s the perfect night out.

Will Parq embrace EDM and, if so, are local DJs on tap or are you going to bring people in?

Our vision is to give San Diego a variety of music genres. Parq’s new big room will definitely embrace the EDM scene by importing top level DJs, and we will also have open format nights. We will be aiming to please many audiences.

Is bottle service a major revenu source and how do you plan to run it?

Our focus is definitely to create an environment where VIPs are enjoying themselves. They deserve attention, and we give it to them through premium service and offering incredible champagne shows that they won’t soon forget.  We have thought of absolutely every aspect of the bottle service experience, and we feel we’re going to offer things everyone always wished existed but no one actually brought to life. We will also be one of the most technologically advanced venues.

What is Parq’s mission?

Parq Nightclub & Restaurant is committed to providing its clients and customers with high quality products and services. It is sensitive and responsive to client and customer needs and devoted to their satisfaction. Parq strives to be fair, honest, courteous and professional in all dealings and business transactions. Parq acknowledges its responsibility to the San Diego community and the economic vitality and quality of Parq’s products and services can greatly contribute to enhancing the communities in which its employees and customers live and work.